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Makers Market is a handcrafted home goods design company.

When we launched in December 2016, we launched with one product; The Cosy.

Our tea and coffee cosies are modern, functional and good to look at.

Don't you just hate when your tea or coffee get luke warm so quickly, while it sits in its pot?

Our cosies are made with 2 layers each side of super plush warm natural cotton fill, it's what's used for quilting so it's super toasty. Our cosies will keep the contents of your tea or coffee pot hot for a good while.  Enough time to for you to read the newspaper, browse the net or like us on Instagram!

 Each cosy is handcrafted. Our printed cosies are screen printed, our pieced indigo denim are carefully hand cut and pieced by hand, and everything is sewn by two hands and a sewing machine.  We even hand make our labels and hand stamp our leather tabs.      

No two cosies are the same, so please enjoy the uniqueness and imperfections that we call perfect.

Our collection has since grown and invite you to check out our online shop.

We hope you enjoy.