Fabrics + Resources


Cotton Duck Canvas.

Our Cotton Duck Canvas that we screen print on is sourced right here in the USA. We have found that there are a lot of great  American mills still running strong and weaving up a variety of cotton fabrics, and that there is no need to look overseas for good American cotton. And in most cases, not all, these mills or vendors will work with small designers to give decent minimums.

Denim + Chambray.

We are very pleased and proud to be able to use Cone Denim on some of our products. Cone Denim is one of the oldest denim mills in America and have their new online shop White Oak Shop for small buys which is perfect for us.

We also search local vendors and local factories to get end rolls of denim and limited cuts. Most denims are made here in the USA.

Occasionally we will come across a beautiful Japanese denim and whilst we want to try keep things local, no one in the right mind would want to turn down Japanese denim, with it's distinct character and aesthetic and beauty, it gives us pleasure to use it.


We have sourced our Linens from Europe because they really do produce some of the best qualities. They are slightly more costly but it's worth it.


We go to local vendors to get end rolls of chambray, oxford or end on end qualities to line our cosies and other product. This gives us the flexibility to have do limited runs of products and keeps things exciting.

Cushion Inserts.

We sourced a great manufacturer and supplier of cushion inserts. They make all their products right in their facility and are great to work with. The have an Eco Friendly insert using Recycled Plastic Bottles which is the perfect option for us. They also use America made cotton for the casing.