Makers Market.

We are MAKERS MARKET, a place for handcrafted home goods with a focus on textiles.

I am a maker, a Catalan Scot living in Brooklyn. Having spent years working for iconic fashion brands, I have a deep knowledge of the industry, but I wanted the chance to create something that wasn't fashion, and sought a platform to develop and celebrate a unique design sensibility, a love and passion for home goods, and textiles.

Thus MAKERS MARKET was born.

The goal is to create products that are modern, functional, pleasing to the eye, and thoughtful in every aspect of their fabrication. Using environmentally friendly materials and producing our goods locally are important values. In a seemingly endless market of seasonably disposable accessories we wanted a place to go for functional home goods, that could be produced locally with responsible and craft driven methods in mind.

Our website serves as a showcase for our products and in time those of other like-minded Makers. We believe in the power of community, hence our name, and through collaborating with homegrown suppliers and vendors we seek to encourage a ground-based network of design, creativity, trade and fabrication.

We launched with one product; The Cosy - used in every Scottish household to keep the contents of the teapot warm, a job it’s been doing since 19th century Britain.

We’ve updated the cosy to make it a staple in 21st century American households. Inspired by the Heath Ceramic teapot, Chemex® pour over coffee maker, and the Bodum® French Press, we want to re-create the cosy with our modern aesthetic.

The prints are original and designed in Brooklyn and then screen-printed. Having spent many years designing denim apparel, and developing print driven collections, and a strong love for the colour, texture and versatility of indigo denim, felt strongly that it anchor the collection. It couldn't be a more perfect partner to the prints.  

We hope you enjoy, come back to shop our website and help spread the word…....

Olga Joan