TEA BAG LAVENDER SACHETS / Charcoal Grey Triangle

TEA BAG LAVENDER SACHETS / Charcoal Grey Triangle


Using our European Printed Linens we have created a sachet in the shape of our dear PJ Tips Tea Bag which we thought was quite apt considering we launched our Brand with the Tea and Coffee Cosy!

Filled with dried Lavender Flowers from a Lavender Farm up by the Finger Lakes, NY, our Tea Bag Lavender Sachets are quite delightful and seem to have many uses:

In your drawers.

In your closet hanging from your hanger.

In your suitcase while travelling to keep everything smelling lovely.

In your car.

By your pillow at night.

They make nice Christmas Tree Decorations!!!

Or do as you wish!


The scent will last quite some time. If you feel like it's not as strong, make sure the massage the sachet and it will stimulate the Lavender essential oil and will revive the Lavender scent.


100% European Linen.

100% New York State Lavender Flowers.


Made in Brooklyn.

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